Session type:
Session level: Intermediate
Session language: English
Intermediate Drupal Back-end knowledge along with basics of how Drupal renders content.

Session details
Deep diving into Drupal 8 Render API , how it is different and better than Drupal 7 rendering mechanism. How Drupal uses placeholders and pipelines to improve page performance.

In our talk, We're going to cover

What Render API is
How it is Different from D7
What Placeholders and Pipelines are
How Drupal makes use of Placeholders
Rendering custom content using Render API
Render arrays , elements
How was theme() function used in Drupal 7 and what are we doing in Drupal 8 to replicate it and its benefits from a data rendering standpoint
Takeaways from this talk

Deep knowledge of Drupal 8 Render API.
Learn how #type, `#theme`, and #markup elements are both the same and different
How can we use it?
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I’ve been working with Drupal since 2015, originally beginning my career with PHP and PHP frameworks.
This journey so far has been amazing. As a Drupaler, I have successfully delivered projects in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

I believe technology amplifies our power and at Drupal community, it can be seen at it's best connecting and uniting people across the globe, thus one should constantly strive to adapt to this ever-evolving technology.
As a Drupal Community Contributor:

- Selected Speaker, DrupalCamp London 2019
- Selected Speaker, DrupalCamp London 2018
- Selected Speaker, DrupalCamp Mumbai 2018
- Selected Speaker, Drupal Dev Days Lisbon 2018
- Selected Speaker, Decoupled Drupal Days New York 2018
- Selected Speaker, DrupalCamp Atlanta 2018
- Selected Co-speaker, Drupal Europe 2018
- Speaker at Drupal meetups, Delhi
- Speaker at Srijan Wednesday Webinars, a Community Initiative
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My first core mention =^_^=

When not coding I can be seen clicking pictures, playing with colors, enjoying some greenery and trying cooking Indian food.